Ranch Life

Walking Trail – Clear, Plant, Maintain

We are looking for volunteers who aren’t afraid to get dirty!  Our 40 acre ranch has a lot to offer our guests and students, but of course, we want to offer an educational opportunity that introduces young people to native plants and helps them identify what they see in the landscape.

We are working with the Tulare Master Gardeners and local students to identify a location for a walking trail on our property that will be lined with informational plaques, native plants, and edible plants.  The vision is to have ongoing opportunities to let people get involved.  We will be identifying and clearing the trail in September 2016, planting in October, and then creating the plaques in November.  By spring 2017 we should see the rewards of our efforts in full bloom!

If you are interested in this project, please email or call so we can add you to the project and send you invites to the events.

This can even count toward community service hours or be a project for your internship!